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1. Tinned olive
It is the biggest variety of table olives. It is cultivated mainly in central Greece (Agrinio, Amfissa, Atalanti, Agios Konstantinos) as well as in Volos and Euboea. The variety of tinned olives includes the green, black, and blond or white-red olives.

  • The green olives are collected from the olive-trees at the end of September till the middle of November. The fruit is early cut and after the suitable process is ready for eat in a short time since its harvest.
  • The black olives are collected from the olive-trees in the middle of November till the middle of January. The fruit is mature when it is harvested from the tree. The black olives are well known in the foreign markets under many names (Amfissa black olives, Agrinio black olives, Volos black olives) depending on the place of growth.
  • The blond olives are collected from the end of October till the end of November. The fruit is harvested middle early from the tree. Blond olives with vinegar are an excellent accompanying snack of ouzo.

2. Kalamon olive
Kalamon olive variety is an excellent variety of table olives of name origin. It is mainly cultivated in prefectures of Messinia and Lakonia as well as in a significant land of the wide area of Agrinio. The fruit is collected mature from November till Christmas. After the proper process (engraving, salt solution, vinegar) we get the engraved Kalamon olives in vinegar-salt, which is an especially frequent commercial name in Greece and abroad too.

3. Halkidikis olives
It is a variety almost entirely cultivated in Halkidiki. It is also known as mammoth olive because of the big size of the fruit.

4. Savory olives
Savory olive variety is cultivated in Attica, on the Aegean islands (Chios, Samos, Naxos), on Crete Island and on Thassos Island too. This variety has the characteristic to soak the bitterness out of the fruit during ripening while it is still on the olive-tree.


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